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10 June 2009 @ 01:27 pm
I swear I only use this journal to sell dolls ''>> oops. Anyway new doll for sale, please check out:

Cute BJD FS!!! Please Read! (Cuts aren't working for me >< )

Location: Texas, USA
Price: $120+shipping and fees Without clothes and wig: $100
Description: White Skin, Fantasy Doll Glenn, cheeks have been sanded down a bit as well as the nose.
Comes with: Green eyes, faceup by </a></b></a>yuki_bombay , LUTS Honey delf outfit (pictures don't show the cape and the hat), LUTS Honey delf wig, WILL NOT COME WITH SHOES
Payment: Paypal ONLY!
Layaway options: I'd prefer not, but I'll do up to a month long layaway
Trades: No Trades please
Pictures: Please note that he will not come with the boots in the picture!!!


Please comment if you're interested, have questions, comments or would like more pictures!!! Please give this cutie a new home

26 March 2009 @ 10:32 pm

I've decided I want to replace Jirah's character with the SOOM Cuprit! :3 So I'm selling her old head! Info is here!


Please take a look if you're interested!!!
29 January 2009 @ 11:47 am
I know I like never post in this community anymore, I've been slacking on taking pictures and all that. Anyway I am having to part with my tiny girls due to the fact I never play with them and I'm in desperate need of money. All the information is under the cut! If you're interested please let me know through comment or seend me a pm!

Orientdoll, Puki and Bisou AiCollapse )

21 October 2008 @ 02:27 am
Ohhh man I have been thinking long and hard about this but I'm pretty sure I need to put my precious Hyde Minimee up for sale. I don't bond with him or really do anything with him save for look at him every so often. I adore Hyde but just can't have him in doll form it seems u.u so I'd really like to see him go to a good home. Info~

1. Country you are located-Texas, United States
2. Description of item(s) - DIM Hyde Minimee with DIM Minimee Body. Faceup by Dybbuk. Will come with 2 outfits based off of clothing the actual Hyde has worn! Suit by Wifey and VAMPS outfit by ukelala they are very well made! HE will also come with his brown Luts wig and one pair of black shoes. The top of his head and headcap have markings from the faceup but will come off whenever you chose to clean off his current faceup.
3. Price (and currency)-$625+shipping/fees (USD)
4. Willing to Split + split prices?-Yes. Head-$125 Body-$500
5. Willing to trade? No
6. Methods of payment accepted?-Paypal Only
7. Layaway options?-Yes
8. Shipping method options?-US ONLY
9. Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment?-Weekends only
10. Your feedback thread-http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123989
11. What will he come with- Luts wig, 2 Hyde based outfits, 1 pair of shoes, Faceup by Dybbuk
12. Pictures or link to your ebay action:

VAMPS Outfit by ukelala

Faceup close up (will try to get better pic) by Dybbuk

Suit outfit by wifey (will not come with this wig or faceup; old picture)

Please PM Me with interest!!
19 October 2008 @ 09:57 pm
1. Country you are located-Texas, United states
2. Description of item(s) - Normal Skin Orientdoll So Ji with default factory faceup. Will not come with wig but will come with one outfit. Perfect condition, comes with default purple eyes.
3. Price (and currency)-$150+shipping and fees USD
4. Willing to Split + split prices? No
5. Methods of payment accepted? Paypal ONLY
6. Layaway options? No
7. Shipping method options? USPS or UPS (depends on if I'm at home during the time or not)
8. Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment? Only on Weekends
9. Your feedback thread- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=123989
10. Pictures or link to your ebay action-

She really is sweet and a total cutie! Please PM me with any interest! I'd love to see her go to a new home :3
17 October 2008 @ 02:27 pm
Hi! This is currently a feeler as I am not 100% sure if I'm ready to give my volks girl up yet or not. But I just can't bond with her! Here's the information:

1. Country you are located-Texas, United States
2. Description of item(s) - Volks Kun, perfect condition, default faceup (though in two weeks if she is not sold, she will be getting a new faceup from Dybbuk), never taken outside, rarely handled. Wig may be a bit messy, but will brush it into best shape possible.
3. Price (and currency)-$625+shipping/fees (USD)
4. Willing to Split + split prices?-No
5. Willing to trade? Yes, but only for SDF Girl EVELINE or Volks Yo-SD Ayumu. Trader will need to pay extra that would add up to at least $600 or include extras like clothing, shoes, wigs, etc.
6. Methods of payment accepted?-Paypal Only
7. Layaway options?-Yes
8. Shipping method options?-US ONLY
9. Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment?-Weekends only
10. Your feedback thread-http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123989
11. What will she come with- Default wig, eyes, faceup and white slip and red dress and hat set seen in pictures.
12. Pictures or link to your ebay action:

She is truly a beautiful girl and I would love for her to go to a good home! I would really like to trade her for a SDF EVELINE, but will also accept a trade for a Volks Yo-SD Ayumu. Trader will be expected to at least make it a fair trade and either add extra payment to at least reach $600 or include clothes, shoes, etc.

Please PM with any interest! If a deal isn't reached before the 31st, then she will be given a new faceup and either new pictures will be posted up or this will be taken down!

Thanks for looking!
08 July 2008 @ 12:01 pm
So everyone seemed to arrive yesterday ''"XD The pictures aren't great but I was excited/tired/not feeling well all at the same time @_@

Anyway I posted them in my regular journal sooooo (Follow the fake cut!)
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Ok so happy news! Kari's Shipping notice came in last night!!! >w< I'm super excited! I've been so anxious about getting her it's almost killed me! Lol! I just can't wait! I'm definitely making sure to be home the day she arrives!!! She'll be here by the time we go to the beach too! And she's getting an adorable outfit for the beach! I just hope Yuki can do a temp faceup for her ^^

A lot of people have been asking me how exactly she'd fit in with all my others; storyline wise. Weellll all of that has been fixed up! Thanks to an idea from Yuki that has spread like wildfire!

I don't know if I shared it yet or not, but Chancer's story took a complete 180 and changed on me! He went from being an angsty, emo, angry teenage boy to a curious, detective wannabe, cutie! Now then, he is very adament about wanting to be a detective. He makes it his goal to find the truth and justice in all (yes...very much Phoenix Wright and a little Death Note insperation. Bite me '''>> ) so he's always looking for cases. This is where his best friend, Kari comes in. Kari is a little adventurer and trouble maker. She has a knack for getting poor Chancer caught up in her schemes and gets him into trouble! She gievs her poor older sister, Summer (Yes! She has a storyline now for sure!) panic attacks because she'll randomly run off and get into some sort of mixup! So Kari and Chancer are a team of trouble but absolute cute as well ''XD

Chancer is even getting a Detective coat made for him! I put up a WTC thread on DOA and someone contacted me today saying they could do it! I saw examples and I'm so pleased! Now all he needs is a hat (which I may see if they can make) and a magnifying glass! And probably a proper outfit for under the coat but I think jeans and a simple t-shirt work well enough for him ^^

I'm really wanting to get Kari some goggles but GOD! They are so expensive! $40 for goggles! I don't even spend that much on things like that for me! Ahhh It's making me so sad because I already have a picture of her in my head with the goggles! I may eventually cave in and buy them but only if I can't get a better deal. And after I pay for Chance's trench coat.

But yay I'm super excited! Chancer, Kari and Summer all have their story set out! Now I just gotta write it! But that may be a bit considering I still have Secret Sin to mess with.

Wouldn't it just be great if Saku's head and Kari arrived teh same day?? It'd be like Christmas for me! Lol!!

*Squeee* I'm super excited it's making it hard to sleep!!! Heeee! Hopefully my next update will be of pictures of Kari!!!! <3 <3
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02 July 2008 @ 12:48 am
So JerrysugarAV let me know that Saku's face up is finished and he will be on his way home tomorrow!! He looks amazing!! So I share picture X3

Isn't he gorgeous??? Omg I can't wait to have him home and made up! I reaaalllllyyyyy wish his wig would hurry up and get here!!! Ahhh I'm so excited!! >w<

Definitely will pic spam when he's home! Kya!
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Ok I'm going to make this clear for everyone;

This is a community for my resin family. I've made it to post pictures, artwork, stories and profiles of my family. This is not a place for people to buy and sell bjd's.

Honestly, no one else is supposed to make posts except for me. Unless you have asked my permission all posts will be deleted.

There are plenty of other communities and sites that will allow you to buy/sell/trade etc. This is not one of them. I made it so that people that are friends of my regular LJ who aren't into the BJD hobby won't be constantly spammed by entries about my resin kids.

If you have a problem with this; sorry. I thought it was clear in the profile that this was specifically about my resin family and what would be posted but I'm going to make sure it's clear now.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns post them here. Any snark or wank remarks will result in your removal and permanent ban from watching and being apart of the community. And I would really, really hate to do that. Seriously I hate even having to post this rule entry but it needed to be made clear.
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